Rolex Replica Two Tone GMT Master II Review

Well! Here’s our review of the new Rolex replica two tone GMT Master II, especially the GMT Master II, especially when it comes with a little extra than the basic stainless steel case and bracelet, like this one right here. It’s a two tone yellow gold and stainless steel GMT Master II replica and it fits very well right next to my others. You probably know by now that I own quite a few of these puppies and they do the job great. They have killer looks, they’re very easy to pass as originals and great value for the money.

Two Tone GMT Master II

Rolex GMT Master II Replica Looks

This is a great Rolex replica, no doubt about it! Nice and clean looking, it’s hard to tell the difference between this one and an original. I think there’s always been a competition between the Rolex GMT Master II replica and the Sub, they’re both legends, both very cool watches and for me personally, the GMT does the trick much better, only because of its extra function which is very helpful sometimes. Plus, there are some versions of the GMT which come with a two tone bezel, like the Pepsi which is also such an iconic look.
This two tone GMT Master II replica is very well cloned, including the hands and date magnifier. The bezel clicks nicely when it rotates and the bracelet matches the original one in full.

Rolex Replica Movement

Inside this Rolex replica is a Japanese self-winding movement, keeps time well and has a more than sufficient power reserve if you plan on wearing it daily. The seconds hand has that nice sweeping motion, you’ll see that in the video below, and it is fully functional, including the GMT hand. It adjust a little different from the original, but it functions the same, so no biggie there.
As you probably know, this is not the only Rolex GMT Master II in my collection, I’ve reviewed and still have many of them. I can tell you that you shouldn’t worry about the movement’s reliability, especially if you get it serviced from time to time. But even if you don’t, it will keep proper time for a few good years.

Overall, this is a killer Rolex replica, everything is in the right place and functions just like it should. It’s a bang for the buck, considering you’d be lucky to grab it for 10K as an original. I’m almost feeling sorry that it will leave my collection because I promised to my cousin, as he is too such a sucker for these.